Black & White Twinkling Dance Floor north westWe also supply flashing dancefloor hire. These fantastic sparkling dance floors look great for weddings, cat walks, party’s or even as a display floor.

black dancefloor rental Lancashire

Black Starlit twinkling dance floor

The  twinkling dancefloors are usually associated with high end corporate events or Weddings, but are now available at an affordable price, yet they still look a million dollars!

We can provide the perfect Wedding Twinkling Dance Floor from our range of  Twinkling Starlit White Dance Floor Hire, Black Twinkling Starlit Dance Floor Hire or maybe you’d prefer a mixture of both. Which ever flashing dancefloor you choose they are perfect for your first dance as a married couple.

The Twinkling Starlit Dance Floor hire is very popular. The starlit dancefloor has a shiny surface which has thousands of bright white LED lights which can twinkle away bringing that extra bit of glamour to your event. The flashing dancefloors are professionally polished before every event. They are load bearing, water resistant and made from a non slip acrylic plastic. The special locking system ensures they don’t come apart during your event and they can be installed on any flat or carpeted room in 30 minutes and with an extremely low profile, so your guests wont have a problem dancing the night away.

Our professional and fully trained staff will set the flashing dancefloor up and remove it at the end of the event so you wont have to worry about a thing. We appreciate that every venue and everyone’s choice differs. Therefore our sparkling dancefloors can be square or rectangle.

white flashing dancefloor Liverpool Kirkham Kendal

The sparkling white dancefloor is always a wedding favourite

Black and White Flashing Dancefloor Wigan Liverpool Southport

The black and white twinkling floor makes for a real feature for the dance mood,

White Flashing Dance Floor

White Flashing Dance Floor

 Flashing Dancefloor Prices

7 days a week 12ft x 12ft Sparkling Black Dancefloor Hire £300



10ftx10ft Black & White checked dance floor hire  – £150

12ftx12ft Black & White checked dance floor hire – £200

14ftx14ft Black & White checked dance floor hire – £250

16ftx16ft Black & White checked dance floor hire – £300


10ftx10ft White Sparkling Dancefloor Hire – £250

12ftx12ft White Sparkling Dancefloor Hire- £300

14ftx14ft White Sparkling Dancefloor Hire – £350

16ftx16ft White Sparkling Dancefloor Hire – £400


10ftx10ft Black & White Dancefloor Hire – £200

12ftx12ft Black & White Dancefloor Hire – £250

14ftx14ftBlack & White Dancefloor Hire – £300

16ftx16ft Black & White Dancefloor Hire – £350


10ftx10ft White twinkling dancefloor hire – £300

12ftx12ft White twinkling dancefloor hire – £350

14ftx14ft White twinkling dancefloor hire – £400

16ftx16ft White twinkling dancefloor hire – £450

All dancefloors can be arranged in various shapes and sizes, however they cannot have curved edges. So no circular dancefloors.

Please note the term, Sparkling dancefloor, twinkling dancefloor, Flashing dancefloor and starlit dancefloor all mean the same.

We have one type of Black & White checkered dancefloor which has no L.E.D’s in it. The others do have L.E.D’s which enable them to flash, sparkle and twinkle away.

Dancefloor Hire available in UK & Europe.